The San Panfilo Convent was built in the 11th century as a monastic complex and retains this destination until 1866 when the laws of the Kingdom of Sardinia led to the secularization of many ecclesiastical assets.

On 15th June 1892 it was bought by the Hon. Giuseppe Cerulli Irelli and entered our family as a farm for the agricultural lands already present. In 1910, to give a more appropriate appearance with its social status, Commendatore Cerulli Irelli entrusted the reconstruction of the facade to the well-known Arch. Ernst Wille who had already renovated many villas in Rome. Subsequently, it was inherited by Dr Quintino Cerulli Irelli married to Anna Maria Massara who, with great passion, took care of the internal restructuring, bringing precious embellishments that are still intact today.

An important restoration work, begun in 2009, has returned the building to its ancient beauty, making it suitable for tourism, agritourism and accommodation within the farm's activities.